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        1. The common dishes of Japanese cuisine are not only delicious

          Usually eat Chinese food, occasionally also want to have a try, such as Korean food, Japanese food and so on, when it comes to Japanese food, according to the cooking can be said to be a common dish of Japanese food, taste sweet, whether to eat spicy can eat this dish, to avoid the spicy embarrassment, then you know how to do according to the cooking? Here's how.

          The ingredients
          Main ingredients: boneless chicken, broccoli, carrot, rice.
          Accessories: Japanese soy sauce, flavor, honey, sushi vinegar, sesame oil, cooked sesame, oil, salt, ginger.
          Mix the rice with sushi vinegar, sesame oil and sesame seeds.
          2. Add ginger slices to the chicken and marinate with 1 teaspoon Japanese soy sauce, honey and flavoring for 1 hour.
          3. Pour two teaspoons of honey, Japanese soy sauce and flavoring into a small pot and simmer it to make a thick teriyaki sauce. Heat the pan with oil, place the chicken skin face down into the chicken, reduce the heat to medium, do not fry the hu, every two minutes or so, with chopsticks poke into the middle of the transparent juice, that is cooked! .
          Boil water, add oil and salt, and boil the broccoli and carrot.
          Cut the chicken into strips, drizzle with the boiled teriyaki sauce and serve with the vegetables.
          For Chinese cooking, the cooking method is very simple, very easy to use, and the taste is delicious, adults and children can eat, for the current heavy spicy heavy oil, this is undoubtedly a relatively fresh recipe, I believe you will not be disappointed.