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        1. Weifang Maruwa Foods Company Limited

          Weifang Maruwa Foods Company Limited., a modern large-scale enterprise of deep-processing vegetables, mainly produces and exports Japanese-style and Korean-based seasoned vegetables The company locates in the central area of Weizi Sub-district of Changyi City, the east coast of Wei River, which near the Bohai Sea coast. The surrounding area is the famous Changwei alluvial plain. This region possesses tremendous resources, elegant environment and convenient transportation with national road 206 crossing through. The Company covers an area of about 90 acres, of which plant area 10,000 square meters, vegetable processing workshop 4,800 square meters, cold storage 200 square meters, raw materials warehouse 5,000 square meters.
          The Company's plant design, production lines, health control of the environment have reached world-class standards.